Strategic Messaging Assessment

The goal of the Strategic Messaging Assessment is to assess current communication practices, provide recommendations for strengthening and coordinating internal and external communications, identify current agency approaches to strategic messaging, and provide recommendations for establishing a consistent agency-wide social media team approach.

Subject experts will conduct a site visit to engage in the following activities as part of the strategic messaging assessment:

  • Assess current communication practices
  • Review communication policies such as media relations, social media, and any other policy affecting external communication
  • Meetings with local personnel
  • Collect relevant policies

  • Develop recommendations for strengthening and coordinating external and internal communications to focus on the agency’s overarching key messages
  • Develop recommendations for establishing a consistent agency-wide approach to the districts’ digital community engagement efforts

The subject expert will deliver an assessment report approximately two months after the site visit.

Local Personnel to Participate in Assessment:

  • Chief of police and command staff
  • Public information officer and staff
  • Social media personnel
  • Other personnel involved in internal and external communications

Length of Training: Two days

Subject Experts: Laura McElroy has dealt with almost every imaginable news story after working in the media and as an agency communications director for 26 years. As a communications strategist, Laura addresses every aspect of a crisis from strategizing how best to represent the organization in local media and social media, addressing the internal audiences and key stakeholders while minimizing the impact on operations.

Click here for a PDF flyer on the strategic messaging assessment.