Prosecution Assessment

PSN subject matter experts (SMEs) will gather data, communicate with prosecutors remotely, and conduct a site visit to complete the following activities:

  • Review the business processes to address violent crime: Includes addressing collaboration and coordination, particularly with other criminal justice components, reviewing policies and procedures, and reviewing past prosecutions of violent crime and gun cases.
  • Review approaches to gun crime: Includes current practices and protocols for coordinating with US Attorney’s Office, Police Department, Parole, Probation, Juvenile Services, etc.
  • Assess and review advanced concepts, as appropriate: Includes assessing advanced models or practices in use and those appropriate to implement in the prosecutor’s office.

Goals and Objectives

  • Assess capacity to prosecute violent crime using federal and state law.
  • Identify strengths, gaps, and enhancements needed in violent crime prosecutions.
  • Identify local and national resources to improve successful prosecution results.

Audience (local personnel to participate in the assessment):

  • Elected prosecutor, first assistant, and managers of prosecution units
  • Prosecutors assigned to these cases from intake through sentencing
  • Lead prosecutors for technology in the office for trial and from law enforcement
  • Prosecutor staff who provide victim/witness services in these cases
  • Investigators and crime analysts in the prosecutor’s office
  • Federal counterparts in the US Attorney’s Office or federal law enforcement
  • Law enforcement personnel identified by prosecutors as critical to the process


  • Two days of preparation and a two- to three-day site visit
  • One virtual meeting with the prosecutors for clarifications and feedback.
  • One month after the site visit, the SME will deliver an assessment report.

The SMEs will deliver a formal written assessment identifying challenges and solutions for prosecutors to implement effective violent crime prosecutions using state and federal resources approximately one month after the site visit.


  • Meetings with the above local personnel
  • Homicide or gun case review meetings, if applicable

SMEs: An expert will be identified based on need or as suggested/recommended by the requester.

Click here for a PDF flyer on the prosecution assessment.