Homicide Investigations and Prosecution Assessment

The goal of the Homicide Investigations and Prosecution Assessment is to reduce violent crime, conduct high-quality investigations, and produce successful prosecutions for homicide cases by identifying strengths, gaps, and areas for growth in the entire homicide investigation process.

Subject experts will conduct a site visit to engage in the following activities as part of the homicide investigations prosecution assessment:

  • Make general observations about the overall homicide investigative process
  • Collect relevant data, such as the homicide clearance rate
  • Identify weaknesses in the homicide investigations and prosecution process
  • Develop recommendations and feedback related to homicide processes and procedures
  • Meet with local personnel
  • Tour police department facilities
  • Review an active homicide investigation case file
  • Attend a case briefing meeting and observe internal briefings
  • Review crime data, policies, procedures, and other documents related to the management and operations of homicide investigative functions

The subject experts will produce a formal assessment report, which will be released only to the requesting district and PSN team, detailing their observations and recommendations.

Local Personnel to Participate in Assessment:

  • Police department executive command staff
  • Commanders, supervisors, detectives, and investigators
  • Senior prosecutors, homicide trial prosecutors
  • Federal counterparts involved in homicide investigations and prosecutions

Length of Training: Two or three days

Subject Experts: Detective John Skaggs and Deputy District Attorney John Colello

John Skaggs

Detective John Skaggs is a retired homicide detective from the Los Angeles, California, Police Department.

Deputy District Attorney John Colello is an active Deputy District Attorney with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Click here for a PDF flyer on the Homicide Investigations and Prosecution Assessment.