Gangs and Guns: Making Your Firearms Case More Prosecutable

The goal of this course is to familiarize both new and seasoned law enforcement patrol officers, investigators, prosecutors, and supervisors with techniques to make “solid” firearms cases. This is accomplished by learning to make “good” traffic stops, using in car video and body cam equipment effectively, properly documenting a case through photos and report writing, conducting taped interviews, properly handling recovered firearms related evidence, reviewing jail calls, and working with prosecutors towards successful prosecution.

Training Objectives

  • Firearms: What can they tell investigators?
  • Proper recovery, documentation, and follow-up
  • Available investigative tools
  • Social Media: Proactive and Reactive
  • Firearm Laws: State and Federal
  • Establishing a Firearms Protocol for your agency

Subject experts will conduct a two-day on-site visit to provide training on the following topics:

  • Provide information on social media search warrants, how to make a firearms case, the steps for a successful firearms case, and eTrace & NIBIN
  • Speak about DNA, trending firearms, and social media as a firearms primer
  • Provide information on lost firearms cases including traffic stops, evidence, recovery, and techniques, conducting interview, case documentation, jail calls, and establishing a firearms protocol
  • Provide history on firearms laws, tracing, and NIBIN updates

Local Personnel to Attend: Limit of 50-100 attendees

  • Federal Prosecutors
  • County Prosecutors
  • Federal Agents
  • Local Police
  • Crime Scene/Lab Technicians

Length of Training: Two days

Subject Expert: Stephen Barborini and James Grindey

Stephen Barborini is currently a Detective (on a part time basis) with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in a specialized unit dealing with firearm violence which unit he co-created in the Violent Crime Division, which job he was offered after he retired as the Resident Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) West Palm Beach Field Office in December of 2011. Mr. Barborini is highly regarded as the Subject Matter Expert in the fields of: firearms, firearm trafficking investigations, firearm cybercrime investigations and the procedures, rules and laws as it pertains to the import, manufacture and sale of firearms. Mr. Barborini consistently creates and conducts training at the local, state, federal and international levels. He is highly regarded in both law enforcement circle and the industry as the “go to guy” for firearm investigations, social media firearms investigations and international arms smuggling investigations.

James Grindey is a thirty-six year veteran of law enforcement. He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Policeman for 23 years and retired as a Gunnery Sergeant. After his retirement he joined the Honolulu Police Department in Honolulu, Hawaii where he served as a patrolman for 4 years. He was then hired by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in West Palm Beach, Florida where he has been employed for the last 16 years. His experience and continued training in working firearms cases led to his development of this class.