Focused Deterrence Assessment

The goal of the Focused Deterrence (FD) Assessment is to review, asses, and provide feedback on an agency’s focused deterrence approach and provide any training and technical assistance (TTA) resource considerations needed to assist with implementation and/or sustainability.

During the two-day on-site assessment, subject experts will meet with personnel from the appropriate agencies to review and discuss the following:

  • Determine if the agency understands the fundamental principles of FD
  • Review and identify the agency’s implementation and sustainability strategies
  • Identify if the appropriate leadership and agency buy-in has been established
  • Identify if the appropriate staff has been dedicated to the FD approach (command staff, officers, detectives, analysts, and community resource providers)
  • Identify if the appropriate partners and stakeholders understand the fundamental principles of FD and have a clear understanding and direction of their roles and responsibilities
  • Identify if the agency has conducted both internal and external education efforts about the FD approach
  • Determine if the appropriate criteria for offender identification has been established

  • Determine if formal “Call-In” notification sessions are properly designed and implemented
  • Determine if custom notifications are appropriate and properly designed and implemented
  • Determine if appropriate follow-up steps and processes are in place post-notification
  • Determine level of inter-agency collaboration on FD approach
  • Determine if the agency has established a process or means to evaluate the effectiveness and impacts of the their FD approach
  • Develop and present recommendations for addressing any identified gaps and needs

Local Personnel to Participate in the Assessment:

  • Police Department, including Chief and Command Staff, Commander/Officer Assigned to FD approach, and Analysts
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Prosecutors, including the local prosecutor and US Attorney’s Office
  • Local, state, and federal law enforcement partners
  • Probation and Parole
  • Community Services

Subject Expert: Tom Woodmansee has 27 years of experience in law enforcement and criminal justice training, technical assistance, and research. He was a sworn police officer for the Madison (WI) Police Department (MPD), which is recognized as a national leader in community-oriented and problem-oriented policing. During his 25-year career at MPD, Mr. Woodmansee was assigned to numerous roles and ranks, including as a patrol officer, an undercover narcotics officer, 13 years as a detective, 15 years on a SWAT team, and 5 years as a Commander. He has been involved in training police officers for over 20 years at local, state, and national levels. His areas of expertise in training include police tactics, interview and interrogation, domestic abuse investigations, violent crime investigations, hostage negotiations, narcotics and gangs, police lineups, background investigations, search warrants, court room testifying, and community policing. He was the Director of the Madison Police Academy for two years and oversaw the recruit/hiring process, along with the Academy and in-service trainings. He also designed and implemented MPD’s focused deterrence unit, which was established to address prolific, violent offenders and reduce violent crime in Madison. He was in charge of MPD Intelligence division, which included the Gang and Crime Analyst units. He was also a district commander, with over 80 officers and 20 detectives who covered an area with over 90,000 residents. While still a sworn officer, Mr. Woodmansee became a consultant for CNA and Booz Allen Hamilton for several years. During this time, he provided technical assistance and training as a subject matter expert on strategies to reduce violent crime and on other police operations. Upon retiring as a police officer in 2016, he was hired by CNA as a Senior Advisor and has worked on numerous projects with police departments throughout the country.