Detective Function Assessment

PSN subject matter experts (SMEs) will conduct a site visit to meet with personnel from appropriate agencies to assess and review existing policies, procedures, and practices. During the assessment, SMEs will:

  • Make general observations about the overall detective function and processes, including reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the current detective function, operations, case management approach, and leadership structure.
  • Collect relevant data and information on the above processes through interviews and obtaining department policies or procedures.
  • Identify weaknesses in the criminal case management process.
  • Develop recommendations and feedback related to criminal case management processes and procedures.

The SMEs will produce a formal assessment report, which will be released only to the site and PSN team, detailing their observations and recommendations.

Goal: Review and assess criminal case management and detective functions of local law enforcement.

Intended Audience (local personnel to participate in the assessment)

  • Chief of police and designated command staff
  • Detective supervisors
  • Detectives and investigators
  • Case management personnel

Length (estimated time to completion)

  • Two- to four-day site visit.
  • The SMEs will deliver an assessment report approximately one month after the site visit.


  • Meetings with the above local personnel
  • Tour of police department facilities
  • Review of an active investigation case file
  • Case briefing meeting and observation of internal briefings
  • Review of crime data, policies, procedures, and other documents related to the management and operations of detective functions

SMEs: An expert will be identified based on need or as suggested/recommended by the requester.

Click here for a PDF flyer on the detective function assessment.