Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Partnerships

This website provides TTA resources on strengthening partnerships between prosecution and law enforcement, as well as a catalog of on-site TTA customizable to agency needs. Examples of such TTA include exchanging information on topics such as developing a chronic violent offender program, implementing focused deterrence call-in meetings and custom notifications, or developing and sustaining innovative PSN strategies in addressing intimate partner violence.


PSN TTA provides assessments in a variety of topics, such as focused deterrence and homicide investigation and prosecution. Click here for more information on available assessments.


This website provides resources related to all five PSN design features, with an emphasis on law enforcement and prosecution. Click here to explore our library of resources.


Our TTA catalog provides information on training available through PSN, on topics such as making firearms cases more prosecutable and characteristics of armed offenders. Click here to explore training opportunities.

Visit the overall PSN TTA website to learn more about the full range of TTA available through PSN.

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